The History of IMPACT Fellowship International

In 1995, Bishop Charles Rodgers was approached by three ministers of New Dimensions Ministries (then The Raleigh Church) proposing a major crusade be held in the city. Ministers who had gone out from New Dimensions Ministries to birth their own ministries and the two churches Bishop Rodgers was pastoring would be the core group for this event. The idea was initially rejected by Bishop Rodgers because of his concern for an impression being given to others, that a denominational jurisdiction was being created. Establishing a denominational jurisdiction never been the intent of the IMPACT Fellowship.

Although those ministers accepted Bishop’s rejection of the proposal the year before, they did not give up. The next year, they met with Bishop again and recommended that the ministries come together for a revival. This time Bishop agreed and IMPACT Fellowship International was born.

The foundation of IMPACT Fellowship International was built with the support of Bishop Adrian and Elder Susan Rodgers, the pastors of Fullness of Joy Ministries in Jonesboro, Arkansas; Pastor Larry and Co-Pastor Ann Johnson, who were pastoring Abundant Life Ministries in Southaven, Mississippi; and Pastor Lenard and Co-Pastor Ora Hardaway, the pastors of New Life Ministries in Millington, Tennessee. These great men and women of God, along with Bishop Charles Rodgers and the two ministries he was pastoring, were the first to comprise IMPACT Fellowship International.

Over the next year, this fellowship of ministries began to grow. Many were interested and began inquiring about becoming a part of IMPACT Fellowship International. Although many pastors outside of IMPACT thought informational brochures should have been distributed explaining IMPACT Fellowship International, information about the fellowship continued to be provided by word of mouth.

IMPACT Fellowship International is a fellowship of mostly independent pastors and churches, however those who are a part of the fellowship, are accountable and submit to the leadership of IMPACT. The overall purpose of this fellowship is to “strengthen pastors and their membership, thereby helping the churches to make an IMPACT within their communities.” This purpose is accomplished in three ways; (1) pastors meeting quarterly with the IMPACT Bishop to be encouraged and ministered to; (2) a quarterly one-night revival held for all the IMPACT churches to come together and worship as one body; and (3) our annual IMPACT Conference, which is held in the month of June. Some of America’s greatest ministers and psalmists have been our special guests.

IMPACT Fellowship International has never asked any pastor leave their denomination or to join IMPACT. You DO NOT have to leave your denomination to be a part of IMPACT Fellowship International. We respect and appreciate Godly leadership. The decision to be a part of this fellowship is personal and totally up to the individual. We welcome others who subscribe to our Statement of Faith.

For additional information, please call our Headquarters at (901) 377- 1195. You may ask for Bishop Adrian Rodgers (Ext 301) , Sister Shirley Wade (Ext 300), Overseer Darryl Griffin at (901) 205-6991 or by email at